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Swiftie Baking Party

Swiftie Baking Party

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Aug 17  11-1pm

Calling all Swifties!  Join us for a fun baking class inspired by the legend herself!  In class we will learn baking skills that will carry over into every day cooking skills.  We will listen to Taylor music during class and maybe even trade some bracelets!  All dog treats have a Swiftie theme. We will swap treats with other teams to take a variety home to our pups!  All attendees also get a cool gift bag! 

In class we'll make ~Lavender Haze Pupcakes, Bejeweled Bones, Cruel Summer Sundaes, and Karma is a Cat Cookies.  Each attendee will take some of each treat home! 

Kids age 8 and above can be sent without an adult  or can come with an adult if a ticket is purchased for each. Adults or kids welcome! 

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